On behalf of EUROCLIO Board and Secretariat I warmly welcome you to the 19th I n t e r n a t i o n a l E U R O C L I O Conference in Antalya, a unique p r o f e s s i o n a l training event open to history, citizenship and social studies educators from Europe and beyond. At this corner of Asia Minor, Antalya, a historical crossroad to East and West, offers thousands of years of different civilizations and unveils a rich Mediterranean culture. Turkey has the privilege to host and preserve this great variety of civilizations: prehistoric societies, Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian cultures, Greek city-states, Hellenistic kingdoms, Roman and Byzantine empires, Selzuk’s state and Ottoman Empire, as well as the modern contemporary Turkish state narrate their history; as rich as history can be, controversial and fascinating, thought provoking and repeatedly posing questions, offering food for thought.

Walking around the archaeological areas of the region-consider the wider area as one of the biggest open museums in the world- one can feel the living past around us whispering fascinating stories of exceptional and ordinary people, also reminding that the conflict of history and memory are present and often painful.
EUROCLIO Board members represent North and South, East and West- Greece and Turkey among others-working together in harmony, sharing the same values and will for defending history teaching and promoting balanced, multiperspective approaches to the past; also a determination to make students realize that history means understanding ourselves and the others.

It is not a secret that the work of the European Association of History Educators is a success story: it provides a warm environment for professionals, representing a variety of educationists such as classroom teachers, historians, didacticians, researchers and academics, in order to meet, present, discuss, debate and reflect on various aspects of history teaching, skills and attitudes related to it, freshen up their didactic tools, get together, share ideas, question others and build a wider perspective.
On behalf of all EUROCLIO family, I wish to thank all the people who worked really very hard to make this great event happen: the organizing committee representing the Turkish Association of History Educators, those who believed and supported the Conference and spent endless hours trying to reach the best solutions to everything, our sponsors, the local community and of course our Secretariat that put up not only effort, work and time but passion and enthusiasm to make this conference unique! Our people prepared a balanced, and fascinating program (lectures, round tables, workshops, experiential learning, school visits) which I am sure will meet all your expectations. Not only we will have the opportunity to learn and share our experience in different levels and learning environments but we will have a unique insight into the challenges of teaching history in Turkey today, offering room for debates and reflections. One of the aims of EUROCLIO International Conferences is to help educators around Europe and beyond to get to know better the hosting country and its educational system. So, take the opportunity to meet the challenges that the Turkish community of History and Social Sciences educators has prepared for you.

In this difficult juncture when we face a kind of New Orientalism focusing on the difference between North and South, next to East and West, we have to escape the trap and let ourselves enjoy this great meeting: enjoy the hospitality of the people, mingle with each other, talk, debate, look at history through different lenses. Enjoy the music, the food, the spectacular view of the Mediterranean sea and Taurus mountains, the colors and the smells, sing and dance with others.
Welcome to Antalya International EUROCLIO Conference.

Vassiliki Sakka
M.A. in History Didactics